Aerial Advertising videos
We have thrown together a couple of video’s to show you how Aerial Advertising can help your company.

As you may know already over the past decade Aerial advertising has really taken off. It is no longer limited only to flights over the beaches. We have put together a couple video’s showing you how aerial advertising can not only raise product awareness but allows you to reach countless potential customers that you may never of even thought of as a possible sale…

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Watch how a banner is picked up. This is a brand new video and we are happy to share it with you. It answers the age old question. How do they do that? Watch this Video

The proof is in the pudding. We are able to show you once an for all how everything ties together. This video is exclusive to us because this is our client and have purchased the rights to it. if you see this video on any other site tell us. For everyone else.

Shark Week – Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel decided to start an aerial advertising campaign during shark week. This was one of the biggest and most successful campaigns that we at national sky ad’s has ever had. After flying this banner it was one of the most successful shark weeks to date

 This was only the beginning of national sky ads and discovery channel advertising relationship. No banner is to be to fly. Even when its over 80 feet tall!