Aerial Advertising has really been a part of the news over the past years

We have put together some news stories that we have been part of National Sky Ads throughout the years. We take pride in flying banners, logo’s and sky writing for not only companies but for peoples special events. We feel that everyone can benefited from using aerial advertising here are some ways aerial advertising has been apart of the news throughout the years.

12/9/2007 – fly’s billboard over Gillette Stadium and is talked about around the US.

A simple Google Search to see how many people saw it ESPN and the NY Times talked about it.

Create Local Awareness
High-Flying Move

Banner advertisements have been flying over the area, announcing the new location of Furr’s Cafeteria at Pine Mill Road and Loop 286, in the former Luby’s Cafeteria building.

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A Cruise Line Starts to Clean Up After Itself

With the Help Of Aerial Advertising

A Cruise Line Starts to Clean Up After Itself – With the Help Of Aerial Advertising news Cruise lines, after years of sparring with environmentalists, the Coast Guard and federal prosecutors, now say they are voluntarily cleaning up.

Royal Caribbean International, which pleaded guilty in 1999 to 21 felony counts of violating water pollution laws, and paid $18 million in fines, expects to complete its probation in January. But the company, which was convicted mostly for dumping oily wastes and deceiving the Coast Guard about its practices, is moving on to solve another environmental problem, sewage releases from its ships.

In October, it turned on new systems on two ships operated by its Celebrity Cruises subsidiary, the Summit and the Infinity. These are the first advanced wastewater treatment plants that Royal Caribbean is installing on its 29 vessels, a job that it says will take until 2008, with each ship being done as it comes into dry dock for scheduled repairs.

The circumstances of its decision are under some dispute. An environmental group, Oceana, had been pressuring the cruise line for 10 months, with stunts like flying a banner-towing airplane back and forth around the ships as they prepared to sail, as guests were on deck and well-wishers on shore waved goodbye. The banner said, “Got Sewage?”

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New Super Bowl is Labor Day weekend for Mattituck-based National Sky Ads

Business is always up for Ted de Reeder, but it wasn’t always that way.

Ten years ago, the owner of Mattituck-based National Sky Ads worked for a mom-and-pop aerial advertising business that only operated out of Brookhaven Calabro Airport in Shirley, and only during the summer.

“Every September, I would have to go on unemployment,” de Reeder said. “Can you see the problem with that?”

So de Reeder took his show on the road – and far above it. Instead of relying only on..

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