Aerial Advertising Build Brand Awareness  at Bargain Rates!
Learn the facts on aerial advertising! National Sky Ads has been building brand awareness in the sky for generations.
Learn the facts Aerial Advertising Works!

When the State of Maine instituted a lottery, over $100,000 was budgeted to promote awareness of the lottery using a wide variety of media. Questionnaires compiled for the State Commerce Department by Northeast Marketing of Yarmouth showed that during the campaign 70% of the people sampled were aware of the lottery. The following is the breakdown of how they learned about the promotion:


This type of aerial media uses the sky as your background your audience can be reached at beaches, sporting events (tailgate parties before college or professional games), concerts, parades, special events, or during rush hour drive times.  These are proven advertising methods that are effective targeting. At 1,000 feet this media, can reach any one of these targeted audiences for over 37 seconds of read time. Aerial Advertising allows you to reach your targeted audience at any frequency. Based on your budget you could target one market or fifty.

With Aerial Ads there is no “ad clutter'” or “competition” like with traditional billboard advertising. Additionally, the message for your product or service is in motion and draws viewers’ eyes. Your ad is no longer part of the landscape! Aerial media makes you more prominent in a world of advertising competition.

Literally hundreds of thousands of prospects can be reached at a cost of less than $5 per thousand! Aerial advertising is four times more cost effective than print media! 

Using our Aerial Advertising services for this campaign COST ONLY 8% OF THE TOTAL BUDGET

  And talk about Advertising Impact !!

88% remembered the banner passing.

79% remembered what was advertised.

67% remembered at least one-half of the message.

BILLBOARDS               21.6%
RADIO                          19.8%
AERIAL BANNER         18.3%
TELEVISION                 15.9%
POSTERS                      14.9%