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10 Benefits of Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Software in Manufacturing Workforce Management

The workforce management processes of your manufacturing operations tie directly into the ability of your business to remain competitive, profitable, and efficient. A cloud-based time-tracking system can help you accomplish just that. Here are seven benefits of such systems and how they can help you streamline your workforce management needs so that your business can do and accomplish more.

1. Gain Insights from Real-Time Data and Analytics

Cloud-based time and attendance software can provide you or your management with data on employee attendance and productivity in real time. You can use this information to make appropriate changes, find potential issues before they become a problem, and put solutions in place sooner rather than later. You can avoid workforce allocation issues and improve overall efficiency because you’ll know what’s going on as it’s going on.

Of course, you can also use the data and analytics to streamline manufacturing processes and workforce management based on the accumulated metrics over time. In this way, an off-premises system can help you make business decisions for both the present and the future.

2. Increases to Overall Accuracy and Compliance

No matter your manufacturing operations, you’ll have to comply with various labor laws, regulations, and stipulations. If you’re capturing employee work information and records manually, then you increase the risks of errors in your reporting and data. Errors can also upset various other aspects of your business.

With a hosted time system, you ensure accuracy and greatly reduce the possibility of human error in your reporting. In this way, you can make sure the fines and penalties for noncompliance will never come your way.

3. Enhanced Employee Accountability, Experience and Satisfaction

An employee who can easily access their work schedules and other attendance information will have a far better overall work experience. Your cloud-hosted time and attendance system can help to eliminate any confusion when it comes to things like time-off requests, pay stub information, and other information related to attendance.

In turn, these features also enhance employee accountability. As the software can give them the ability to manage their schedules, they will pay more attention to the details and reduce errors or mistakes when it comes to their work hours.

4. Increased Flexibility through Remote or Mobile Access

The cloud-hosted aspect of your manufacturing attendance system can also allow for remote access to the system from anywhere. If you have multiple locations, remote workers, or employees who routinely work offsite, then that mobile access can become an incredible asset to your manufacturing operations.

5. Integration With Your Existing Business Systems and Platforms

Tying your attendance software to your other business and management platforms helps to streamline the overall workforce management process. So, if you have an ERP, CRM, project management software, or other system, you can typically integrate a manufacturing attendance system seamlessly. That integration will also help to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and cut down on data duplication.

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6. Streamline Payroll Processing Through Error-Free Time Tracking

Speaking of payroll systems, your hosted attendance system can streamline that process, specifically. Since the software can automate time tracking, you will already have all the relevant information for payroll processing without needing to do any manual tracking or calculations.

You can also limit or eliminate any issues that can cause payroll processing to stall or not go out on time. And, should some error disrupt the flow of payroll, you won’t have to go far out of your way to track the problem down.

7. Scale and Adapt Your Software According to the Needs of Your Manufacturing Business

As a small business grows, so will the needs of its workforce management platforms. Instead of looking for the next solution, you can upgrade your cloud system to accommodate the growth. This also applies in the opposite direction if your business needs to downsize. Additionally, your software can adapt to the needs of your business if you make changes to things such as locations, departments, workflows, etc.

The benefits of using manufacturing time and attendance software don’t end here. Many other benefits come with these software solutions, such as enhanced security, increased data protection, a reduction in operational costs, as well as a reduction in labor costs, among other things. However, when it comes to these systems, you must choose the right one for your manufacturing business and operations. Look for the hosted software solution that addresses the specific needs of your business and alleviates your pain points.


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