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5 Ways to Save Time with an Influencer Marketing Platform

Running an influencer marketing program is hard work. There are fun creative parts, but you also have to do a lot of boring tasks. You might spend hours searching social media for influencers, putting them in spreadsheets, and tracking every step. Doing these boring tasks manually wastes a lot of time. An influencer marketing software can help you get things done faster and easier. Here are five ways it can help you work smarter, not harder.

Find Well-Matched Influencers Quickly

Searching for influencers on different social media sites can take forever if you do it yourself. The way you find influencers depends on your campaign type. With an influencer marketing platform or software, you can quickly find potential partners and see helpful details about each one right away. The software lets you narrow your search using multiple filters.

Vet Influencers Efficiently

The work isn’t done once you find a list of influencers. Next, you have to decide if they’re a good fit for your brand. Influencer software makes this easier. Scrolling through influencers’ posts to evaluate them yourself is very tedious.

Good software lets you:

  • See if an influencer’s audience matches your target customer
  • Check their past engagement rates and if they are improving
  • See if they already post about topics related to your brand
  • Check for any inappropriate content that conflicts with your values
  • Properly evaluate influencers who reach out to you

Having this data easily accessible helps you make better decisions faster. It also gives you info to negotiate fees if needed.

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Streamline Onboarding & Managing Relationships

Creators are very busy so easy onboarding helps build good relationships. However, lack of time makes it hard for brands to manage many influencers. Influencer software makes onboarding and managing influencers faster, with features like:

  • Storing details on your past interactions, contracts, etc. in one place
  • Custom workflows and the ability to leave notes/tasks
  • Grouping influencers by campaign, interests, location
  • Sending campaign details to many influencers at once
  • Managing inbound requests and sending invitations

Better Campaign Organization

Managing all the details of an influencer campaign is messy. You probably have tons of tabs and spreadsheets open, struggling to find what you need. Influencer software helps by letting you organize and track:

  • Influencers’ past engagement rates, audiences, brand mentions
  • How well does content perform during your campaigns
  • How much you spend across influencers and campaigns
  • Embedded tracking codes on your website
  • Trackable links for affiliate/conversion campaigns
  • Commission structures and payments

Clear ROI Reporting

Lastly, influencer software makes measurement and reporting easier. Reporting on your influencer marketing ROI can feel like a maze. Is the data right? Is it easy to understand the metrics? Where does everyone record insights?

Good software gives one place for clear ROI reporting, like:

  • Consistent metrics across campaigns (reach, engagement, etc.)
  • The overall impact of all your campaigns
  • Cost-efficiency metrics to optimize budgets
  • How you rank versus competitors
  • Your competitors’ top influencers/content

Having this reporting saves time. You can easily see performance, spending, and how you compare to shift strategies.


An influencer marketing software can save you and your team a lot of time in key areas. It streamlines the full process – finding and vetting influencers, onboarding, managing relationships, optimizing campaigns, and reporting ROI. With the right tool, you can run an effective influencer program without wasting time on boring manual tasks. You can focus more on the fun creative parts and high-level strategy. Check influencer marketing platform pricing beforehand to plan your program budget.


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