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7 cool new things to try when booting up Lost Ark!

Launching in the American, European, and Australian Region Continents back in February of 2022, Lost Ark introduced millions of enthusiastic players to the world of Arkesia while becoming the most-played Action MMORPG game on the Steam Platform! With this massive and unprecedented success, Smilegate and Amazon Games, the creators of the game, are hard at work to release updates on a monthly basis to improve the foundations of the game!

With the result of the constant updates, Lost Ark is altogether even more different than before, the same example as Final Fantasy XIV! To get more items, you will need to buy Lost Ark gold from our store here at U7BUY, where the most affordable and reasonable rates will be offered to you with guaranteed satisfaction. With the introduction now out of the way, let us now dive into the new things to try in Lost Ark!

Play on Jump-Start Servers

The newest addition to the game, Jump-Start Servers, are a guaranteed godsend as deemed by the players who are totally new or are veterans as it was introduced back in August 2023, and it allocated servers to players according to their designated level, making their experience all the more fulfilling.

Experience the game’s large roster of Lost Ark classes

With over 24 playable classes and subclasses now being present in the game Lost Ark, players can try out a variety of gameplay styles and can switch classes in between!

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Witness the Lost Ark epic story

The first arc of Lost Ark was completed in July 2023, and with the introduction of the Eglacia continent, a brand new arc is being set up with twists and turns all around. If you jump into the story today, you will have ample time to catch up so that you do not miss the start of a new saga!

Test your mettle in the brand-new Endgame content

Since Diablo inspired this game, they saved the best quests for the last. Once you have completed the main scenario, challenging content such as Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons are waiting to test the skills of the players, waiting for the best loot to be hoarded by only the best of players!

If you want to unlock more skills or classes, you should get more game items from our store here at U7BUY.

Reap the rewards in Arkesia’s seasonal events

Special events like Christmas and Halloween also take place in Lost Ark, where we can jump into the game and experience the same joyous wonder! There is an in-game variant of Oktoberfest, too, which is known as “Arktoberfest”.

Hone your combat skills

The combat is fast-paced and dynamic, and so are its enemies. It is easy for any player to pick up, and you will have a great time mastering all the abilities of every class that the game has to offer.

Find your role in Raids

Legion Raids offer players the chance to interact with other players while being sorted into a lobby with the required class that the player has selected, the more Raids you partake in, the more your role will be defined, growing your onine presence.


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