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Discovering Indoor Saunas in London, Ontario: A Guide to Relaxation and Wellness

London, Ontario, might not be the first place you think of for saunas, but this Canadian city offers a rich array of options. Those seeking the benefits of heat therapy will find plenty to enjoy. Indoor saunas in London, Ontario, range from public facilities in recreational centers to private experiences in spas and gyms. This provides both residents and visitors with many choices to relax and detoxify.

Here’s a look at some of the best places to enjoy an indoor sauna in London, Ontario, and what makes each unique.

Longevity Lounge

Starting with the best, Longevity Lounge stands out as a unique wellness destination in London, Ontario. It focuses on anti-aging and longevity practices, including the use of their state-of-the-art sauna. Moreover, this venue offers a modern, holistic approach to health. It blends traditional sauna benefits with the latest in wellness technology. Additionally, their infrared sauna is particularly noteworthy. It is designed to offer deep tissue relaxation and detoxification at a cellular level. 

Ideal for those seeking to improve their overall health and reduce the effects of aging, Longevity Lounge provides a cutting-edge sauna experience that goes beyond simple relaxation.

YMCA of Southwestern Ontario

The YMCA in London provides a well-maintained sauna facility within its comprehensive health and fitness amenities. This sauna is an ideal retreat for those looking to unwind. It’s perfect after activities like swimming in the pool or a vigorous gym session. Furthermore, the facility is renowned for its cleanliness and welcoming environment. This makes it particularly popular among families and health enthusiasts. Regular sauna sessions here can help with muscle relaxation, improve circulation, and boost overall well-being.

GoodLife Fitness

With several branches across London, GoodLife Fitness offers accessible sauna facilities. These are perfect for aiding recovery after workouts. The saunas are integral to GoodLife’s holistic wellness approach. This approach also features a variety of fitness classes and personal training services. For members wishing to incorporate regular sauna sessions into their fitness regimen, GoodLife provides a convenient and beneficial option. It enhances the overall health and fitness experience with the soothing heat of the sauna.

Fayez Spa

Fayez Spa delivers a luxurious sauna experience within a private and serene environment focused on holistic wellness. The spa’s sauna is complemented by a suite of other services. These include therapeutic massages, rejuvenating facials, and various body treatments, creating a comprehensive wellness experience. The peaceful ambiance and exemplary service make Fayez Spa a perfect escape. It is ideal for those seeking a more indulgent and pampered sauna experience. This promotes relaxation at every level.

Oakwood Resort

Situated just outside London in Grand Bend, Oakwood Resort offers a relaxing sauna experience as part of its guest amenities. The resort is an excellent choice for those wanting to combine a sauna session with a scenic weekend getaway. Moreover, located near the shores of Lake Huron, the resort provides a picturesque setting. This setting enhances the rejuvenating and restorative effects of the sauna. It makes Oakwood a favorite destination for both relaxation and adventure seekers.

The Athletic Club

Known also as Movati Athletic, The Athletic Club features beloved sauna facilities. These facilities complement its holistic wellness philosophy. The club offers a supportive community environment with an extensive range of fitness equipment and classes. Furthermore, the sauna at The Athletic Club is an ideal spot for relaxation. It is perfect following a group fitness class or a personal training session. Here, members can unwind and recover in a comforting and health-promoting setting.

Rebirth Wellness Centre

Specializing in services for new mothers and families, Rebirth Wellness Centre offers a sauna that can be privately booked. This center focuses on supporting the physical and mental health of new parents. It makes its sauna an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful and intimate environment. The sauna is especially popular among mothers looking for personal relaxation time. It offers a quiet space to rejuvenate away from the demands of parenthood.

London’s Public Recreation Centres

Lastly, many of London’s public recreation centers also provide sauna facilities. These are generally more budget-friendly options suitable for those who enjoy a straightforward sauna experience. Moreover, these centers offer various availability and may have different rules, so checking in advance is recommended. This option is ideal for residents and visitors who prefer a simple, accessible way to experience the benefits of sauna therapy without the frills of upscale facilities.


In summary, whether you are a resident or a visitor in London, Ontario, the array of indoor saunas available offers diverse options. These cater to luxury seekers, fitness enthusiasts, and families alike. These facilities provide a warm retreat from the chilly Canadian climate and enhance health, wellness, and relaxation. Therefore, next time you’re in London, consider unwinding in one of these exceptional saunas for a refreshing and revitalizing experience.


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