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Exploring Ancient Sherpa Villages and Monasteries Along the Everest Trail

The Everest trail is all about exploring the most amazing Sherpa villages that are both ancient and culturally rich. Likewise, many monasteries and religious elements will make your trek all the better. Visiting the Khumbu region is not only going to be about trekking and finding the most backbreaking pathways to the base camp and the home to the tallest mountain in the world but also an exploration of what had remained out of the world’s sight and knowledge for the longest time. The Sherpa lifestyle matches perfectly with the architectural designs and the history of the Khumbu region, which will make your time on the Everest trail as authentic as possible.

There are many reasons why you must not miss out on the Khumbu trek or trekking around the Everest trails, especially for its core elements, which are the villages, monasteries, and every other such aspect out there. Make sure to read till the end of this article to know more!

Overview of the Sherpa villages and monasteries in Everest region

The Everest region is best known for its natural beauty. However, one can never ignore the fact that the place is just as amazing and beautiful in its cultural, traditional, and religious aspects as well. While the whole world has come under the influence of modernization and Western culture, the people of the Everest region are as traditional as they were several centuries ago.

And, this is exactly why there are not many places with as much beauty as the Khumbu region of Nepal. Despite the entrance of trekkers and mountaineers from the West, the Everest region is not only one of the most rural places in the world but also one of the most naturally beautiful and ethnically authentic places with locals living the unique lifestyle.

From the festivals to the food and the way of life of the Sherpa people, there is nothing that will not leave you mind blown, and we mean this in the best way possible. The mountains are as beautiful as they could be amidst the ever-natural landscape and a remarkable ethnicity. The Sherpa villages may seem like every other village that you find in the hills and the mountain areas on the surface level, but when you finally pay a visit, you will know exactly why the trek is worth your while besides just the trekking factor.

The monasteries are another major highlight of the trekking to the Everest base camp. Tengboche monastery is the most popular and biggest monastery there. The religious landmark holds great value among Buddhist devotees not only from Tengboche or Khumbu but from all around the world. You will get to know more about the monasteries in the area when you interact with the inhabitants of the Sherpa villages along the trails.

Starting your journey at Lukla

As a trekker, you are more than likely to start with Lukla. You will either fly or be driven to Lukla straight from Kathmandu. There will be a lot to explore when it comes to the undeniably aesthetic view of the city as well as a seamless transition to a more rural location as you either fly or ride through the roads to the famous village of Everest area.

Lukla is situated in the lower part of the Khumbu. Therefore, you will be coming through a somewhat urbanized piece of the region. The first and only airport in the region, Lukla Airport, is a big highlight of your trip to Lukla.

Explore the marketplace for Khumbu at Namche Bazaar

Naamche Bazaar is the biggest marketplace you will find during your Everest region trek. The locals always set up a Saturday market that caters to both the local inhabitants as well as the tourists and trekkers in the area. During this time, you can buy as many traditional goodies as well as equipment necessary for your trek to the upper parts of the Everest region.

Trekkers are likely to find the most expensive and the fanciest possible amenities in this particular location among all the other places that fall inside the Everest trail. A good amount of time will be spent on exploring and acclimatizing at Naamche Bazaar regardless of whether you are climbing Everest or trekking to the base camp. Though traditional, you will find a touch of modernity here.

Live through the ancient times in Sherpa villages

When you go higher through Namche Bazaar, you are going to experience a rural lifestyle like you may never have before. While times have changed, a few considerable changes have taken place in these villages as well. But, you will feel a higher touch of older times and the presence of what had been there several decades ago, even today.

Most people in the Sherpa villages live in brick houses in a style that had been there from the time the ancestors of the ethnic group shifted to Nepal. You will also come through prayer flags and Mani walls every here and there. Rocky trails paired with respect for one’s ancient culture will leave you breathtaking for sure!

The most popular Sherpa villages that will be part of your journey are Naamche Bazaar, Dingboche, Tengboche, Pangboche, Naamche, Khumjung, Phakding, Thame, Khumde, and Gorakshep. Every village has its unique quality that holds the hearts of every visitor. Along with having the best mountain views, you will cherish every special element that each of the villages has in them.

Hospitality of Sherpa people

One of the most endearing aspects of your trek through the Everest trails along the Sherpa villages is that the inhabitants of the region live off of tourism and hospitality. Therefore, you won’t face a lack of services and warmth in the people. Every guesthouse or hotel that you’ll stay in will have a touch of Sherpa culture and tradition which will make your experience extremely special and eccentric in the most positive way possible.

Likewise, Sherpa people are just as generous at sharing their culture and history with everyone who visits them. Anyone curious to know about how the Sherpa people came to Nepal from Tibet and how they have now settled in the most isolated region of the country will have a good time with their inquiries here. You can get hospitable advice and storytelling sessions not only from the villagers but the Sherpa guides and porters as well.

The hospitality of the Sherpa people also includes their exquisite cuisine and love for newness, as in knowing more about foreigners and welcoming nature towards them. Wandering from one house to another won’t come off close as an issue, since your tour is wholly going to be about exploration and discovery to the most possible potential.

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Monasteries along the Everest trail

Sherpa people’s respect for their culture is a reason why the Khumbu region is an absolute marvel for pilgrims and devotees of Buddhism. Even if you are not the most religious person, you will be able to experience peace and thrill at the same time as the journey to some major monasteries in the Everest region unfolds.

Some popular monasteries along the trail of the Everest region include Rongbuk Monastery, Thaktul Monastery, Thame Monastery, Pema Namding Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Namche Monastery or Tengboche Monastery, Mende Monastery, Thamo Monastery, Khumjung Monastery, Pangboche Monastery, Phakding Monastery, and Kyarok Monastery.

These monasteries also include libraries that are open to all. However, you cannot, with liberty, put your hands on just about anything inside any of the aforementioned monasteries without getting permitted by the authorities themselves. Monasteries in the Everest region are what binds the people of the region together. Had it not been for these cultural heritages, the rich sentiment of the Sherpa people towards their culture would’ve long been lost.

You can also read the history of the locations in the Everest region as well as lose yourself in the mystical Himalayan stories through the paintings and scriptures in these monasteries. Trekkers will surely feel a deep sense of peace and achievement when they go to these locations. Trekking to these monasteries will not take up much time but will leave a bigger impact on your heart.

Similarly, visiting the monasteries also means that you will come across significant monks and religious people who you should pay respect to and offerings to complete your trip with much satisfaction. Another aspect that you are going to find special is the aroma of incense all over the place as soon as you step into one of the monasteries.

There is no second of the day that the monasteries lose the smell of these fragrant lights as the monastery folks make sure to keep the incense lit and utilized at all times. Also, you will feel a sense of calm when the fragrance runs through your nose.

The statues and idols that you see in the monasteries hold just as much strength for the visitors. Anyone who visits these locations won’t be able to think negatively or do wrong, since the aura keeps them in the sanest state possible. The significance of these statues and idols is more than what is written in the textbooks and told through the words of the inhabitants.


The Everest Trail has been popular since the early 1950s. And, it would be fair to say that the beauty of the place has not been lost despite the passage of time. The respect of the Sherpa people towards their ancient traditions and their rural living makes your trip extremely special while the monasteries in Khumbu each hold great importance and will keep you religiously invested in your journey.


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