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Helicopter Tours of Everest: A Bird’s Eye View of the Majestic Himalayas

Touring through a helicopter around the highest peak in the world could be a dream for all adventure enthusiasts. You will get an insight into how a bird may see the world from atop when you are on this tour. Helicopter tours are by far one of the most luxurious tours you can take around the majestic Himalayas of Nepal. Moreover, you won’t be getting to experience only the beauty of Mount Everest but also that of some of the other tallest mountains in the world close to the tallest peak itself.

You can only expect the best of things from a helicopter tour to Everest since it is not only luxurious but also much less time-consuming. Experiencing the most legendary feat within a day or two is only possible with a helicopter tour of Everest. Make sure to read till the end of this article to know more about helicopter tours of Everest!

What are the highlights of helicopter tours of Everest?

Many best things can be expected from the helicopter tours of Everest. These highlights are going to be the reason why this tour is going to stand out from any other tours you will be taking in your lifetime:

Safety: The helicopter tour of Everest is possibly one of the safest tours you can take around Everest. Trekking or even going halfway to the Everest region by a road vehicle can be extremely challenging, and in exceptional cases, lethal. However, helicopter tours restrict a lot of people from getting inside the helicopter at once. And, helicopters are far safer and well-conducted in comparison to any other forms of vehicles.

Less time with more adventure: Travelers will be able to experience the most in the least amount of time. A helicopter tour to Everest usually does not take more than one or two days to complete. However, this does not limit the traveler from experiencing what trekkers and mountaineers would do in weeks or even months-long Everest tours.

Eco-friendly tours: Helicopter tours are very often eco-friendly. The helicopters do not pollute the environment, as do most other forms of vehicles. Moreover, you will be able to promote eco-tourism while experiencing the best of luxury.

Bird-eye perspective: Travelers will be able to view the serene nature and appearance of the mountains from atop. Since you’ll fly at a distance from the top of Mount Everest, it is likely for you to experience the perspective of a bird as it flies high in the sky with massive mountains beneath.

Intimate exploration: Travelers will be able to experience the beauty of some of the most challenging yet the most alluring parts of Mount Everest without quite making an effort. One of the such locations that you will be exploring would be Kala Pathhar.

Why should you choose Helicopter tours of Everest?

There is a good reason as to why you should choose helicopter tours of Everest. Helicopter tours may be expensive in comparison to treks and basic tours around the Everest region, but the delivery of service and experience is going to be worth your experience. Some of the reasons for choosing helicopter tours would be as follows:

Exceptional panoramic views

While you will be able to get a panoramic view of mountains and landscapes in the Everest region through literally any type of trek and tour around the area, nothing matches the exceptional views you will get from a helicopter ride. When you are above the highest peak in the world, you will get to see a view of a lifetime without having to trek or even make the slightest effort. The mountains are all the more clear and defined when you look at them up close from the helicopter. The snow glaciers look as attractive as ever when they shine against the clouds among them and the landscapes beneath them.

Physical ease

Making a helicopter tour to Everest is much easier and attainable physically than any other way of treks and tours around the Everest region. Physical ease is something that a lot of travelers seek when they don’t have the expertise and knowledge to trek through challenging pathways like that of Mount Everest. Getting the taste of an exquisite mountain experience while keeping one’s eyes wide open and body fixated on a comfortable seat is all an adventurer could ask for.

Unique photography

If you love photography, then you will love the fact that there won’t be many other photographers who can get the shot as you can during the Everest tour. The higher the proximity of the helicopter from the land, the better will be your shot of the Himalayas. Besides drone shots, not many travelers can capture the beauty of Mount Everest as do those traveling on helicopter tours of Everest.

Adrenaline thrill

Though you don’t have to do a lot during this tour other than to sit and enjoy the views that come forth your eyes, you will still be experiencing a maximum adrenaline thrill during the tour. Your experience will be more than what only meets your eyes. Feeling one’s body drift through the top of the world is something not many get to experience unless they are on a comfortable helicopter ride tour of Everest.

Famous destinations for helicopter tours in the Everest region

The Everest region helicopter tour does not only count the main peak. There are destinations where your helicopter will be stopping for travelers to get a closer peek into the mountains and various other aspects of the region. Some of the most popular destinations for helicopter tours in the Everest region are as follows:

Everest base camp

The Everest base camp is one of the highest base camps in the world. This is a famous trekking destination and an end location for many travelers who come from all around the world to explore the beauty of the Himalayas in Nepal. From the Everest base camp, travelers will be able to see more than only Mount Everest. There is a likelihood for you to see all types of flora and fauna around the Everest base camp area as well. You can also get to experience the uniqueness of Sherpa culture and the influence of Buddhism in the Khumbu region when you stop at the Everest base camp, as the majority of the locals belong to Buddhist Sherpa communities.


Kalapathhar or dark rock, is one of the most amazing destinations in the Everest region. This is a view spot located at a higher altitude than the Everest base camp itself. The location is rocky and can get pretty dark as the dawn caves in. The view of the snow-clad mountain is as stunning as it can be from Kalapathhar. And you will come closer to Mount Everest than any other location from here without even having to climb the peak.

Gokyo lake

Gokyo Lake holds a big significance among religious devotees, whether they are Hindus or Buddhists. Hence, touring this lake is going to give you the adventure of a lifetime. While many other travelers tour this spot, you can experience the blue of the sky and drift down towards the blue of the lake in no time. The absolute gem of nature will thrill your hearts and minds in the best possible ways.

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What is the best time to go on helicopter tours of Everest?

There are pros and cons of traveling to Everest by helicopter every other season. While spring and fall might be the most common and preferred seasons, you won’t find as much difference in the tour during any other season either. This is because, unlike treks and road tours to the Everest region, your helicopter tour won’t take you long and won’t tire you slightly as closely as the former tours.

However, going there on a helicopter during summer and winter might mean that you may either suffer from extreme heat or extreme cold since you will be flying close to the sun and the mountain. Hence, many travelers tend to avoid these seasons. But a pro of these seasons is that the main stops are the least crowded.

As for spring and fall, the weather is almost perfectly favorable. The environment is fresh and you will get the best out of the mountains, as well as the flora and fauna of the area. Unfortunately, every other traveler is traveling during these seasons and there is a big chance that you will struggle to find the best rooms and amenities in the Everest region overall. If you are a photography enthusiast, the crowd and traffic may not allow you to capture the best shot of the mountains and the environment either.

The prices of a helicopter tour might be comparatively higher during peak seasons as well. This may or may not be a tension point for travelers, though. Henceforth, it is wise for travelers to prebook for amenities and settle for seasons that best favor their convenience and budget.


Touring around Mount Everest is not easy work. But, as uncommon as it may sound to adventurers, helicopter tours to Everest will prove to be exceptionally comfortable, yet the most adventurous tours you will go on in all of your life. Furthermore, a helicopter tour to Everest is not even going to be as close to being expensive as the value that you’ll get out of this tour. What you will be carrying back home after your helicopter tour is unique moments, a bag full of memories to treasure for years to come, and stories to tell generations.


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