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The Benefits of EPA-Certified Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are an excellent tool for any environment that has high-touch surfaces. They can help reduce the number of germs on these surfaces and promote health and safety for patrons, employees and guests.

EPA-registered disinfectant wipes must meet testing and classification criteria to kill COVID-19 and other pathogens effectively.


EPA-certified disinfectant wipes are a great way to keep your facility healthy and clean. These disinfectant wipes are designed to be effective against bacteria, viruses and staph. They are a safer alternative to sprays and towels, as they only kill germs on the surface, not the human body.

The effectiveness of disinfecting wipes depends on several factors, including the type of surface they are used on, the application method and the type of disinfectant used. These factors can also affect the efficacy of other cleaning products, such as disinfecting liquids and soaps or towels.

While most disinfecting wipes are quaternary ammonium-based, some are effective against other bacteria and viruses. These wipes contain virucide, bactericide and tuberculocidal active ingredients to remove various bacteria and viruses from surfaces effectively.

According to the literature, disinfecting wipes’ effectiveness in hospital environments depends on several factors, including the application method and the type of surface they are used on. These factors can also affect the efficacy or ineffectiveness of other cleaning products, such as disinfecting fluids and soaps or towels.

To ensure that all disinfectants are tested and regulated similarly, EPA has created lists of registered disinfectants. These lists are updated periodically to reflect changes in labels, cancellations and transfers of registrations. This uniformity in testing criteria is essential, as it assures consumers that their product will be safe for its intended use.


Disinfectant wipes are an essential part of any industrial facility. They kill germs on shared surfaces, so they help keep employees and customers safe from infection.

These wipes are made of various materials and are often reusable or disposable. Typically, they’re made of a blend of cellulosic fibers (cotton, wood pulp, viscose) and thermoplastic fibers.

They’re often impregnated with disinfectants, such as bleach. However, these wipes can be harmful if misused or in the wrong concentrations.

Some disinfectants may have a high risk of cross-contamination when used with other cleaning chemicals, including natural ones. This is why it’s essential to read the label before using any disinfectant wipes on your kitchen or bathroom surfaces and any other areas in your home or office.

In addition, disinfectants should be applied only at the concentrations indicated on the product label. This is especially true when used for fogging, fumigation or wide-area spraying because these applications can increase the risk of eye, nose and throat irritation.

The benefits of using EPA-certified disinfectant wipes are many. They’re easy to use, environmentally friendly and effective at killing bacteria, viruses and other pathogens on various surfaces. They’re also a great way to protect your employees and customers from disease, which is why they’re so popular in hospitals, hotels, laundromats and other places where people come in contact with lots of germs.

Environmentally Friendly

There are many benefits to using EPA-certified disinfectant wipes for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces. These include:

EPA-Certified disinfectant and sanitizer products use chemicals that lower the number of pathogens (germs, bacteria and viruses) on a surface or object to a safe level. This process is done AFTER you have cleaned the surface.

These chemicals also kill microscopic pathogens that the scrubbing action of cleaning or washing cannot physically remove. This process significantly lowers the risk of infection than a surface without disinfectants.

The CDC recommends a wide variety of disinfectants, including diluted household bleach solutions, EPA-registered wipes and alcohol-based cleaners approved for use by the EPA as effective disinfectants. It is essential to follow the directions on the product label for contact time and dilution.

For example, a disinfectant must be applied to a surface for at least 30 seconds*. After elapsed, it should also be rinsed thoroughly with water to ensure the disinfectant is effectively removed from the surface.

EPA-Certified disinfectant products also give consumers peace of mind that they are using the safest product on the market, backed by rigorous testing. This is the same assurance that consumers enjoy when buying a product with EPA’s “Safer Choice” and “Design for the Environment” labels.


The disinfection of surfaces is essential in helping to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. However, it’s important to note that wiping down a character is not enough; you must make sure that the surface is adequately cleaned and that the disinfectant product is applied correctly for the right contact time and visible wetness before you can say it’s disinfected.

To claim that a disinfectant is effective against a specific microorganism, the disinfectant must be tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s also required that the EPA-registered disinfectant contain at least 70% isopropyl alcohol, known to kill certain types of pathogens on hard surfaces.

For example, Lysol Disinfectant Spray can kill the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, but only when used correctly according to the label directions. This disinfectant has a contact time of ten minutes, but it is often difficult to keep a surface visibly wet for this long.

For this reason, an excellent disinfecting wipe is better than a spray for most facilities, including schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. It’s a cost-effective way to stay on top of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces so that your facility is not only sanitary but healthy. With a great selection of bulk EPA-certified disinfectant wipes from POS Supply Solutions, you can quickly and easily clean your facility and prevent the spread of germs!


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