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The Road Less Safe: Rising Trends of Road Accidents in Missouri

Missouri’s roadways, once the scenic veins connecting its communities, now reveal a troubling narrative of increasing danger. Across the state, a concerning surge in road accidents has cast a shadow over travel, with various categories witnessing alarming spikes in fatalities and mishaps. 

Against this backdrop, the road safety landscape in the Show-Me State stands as a pressing concern. It demands renewed attention to vigilance, education, and robust safety measures to navigate these increasingly treacherous paths.

Motorcycle Fatalities Surge

Missouri’s enduring passion for motorcycles is unmistakable, yet profound risks accompany the thrill of riding. Recent years have seen a troubling increase in motorcycle fatalities across the state. 

Despite an overall 6% decrease in roadway fatalities in 2023, a significant milestone from 2019, the number of motorcycle deaths is a stark exception. Preliminary data from MoDOT for 2023, as reported by KSDK, reveals that 989 lives were lost on Missouri’s roads. This marks a slight improvement from 2022’s 1,057 fatalities. However, the persistence of at least three daily traffic-related deaths is a sobering reminder of the ongoing challenges. 

Particularly concerning is the trend in motorcycle fatalities, which surged by 16% in 2023 compared to the previous year. 175 individuals lost their lives in motorcycle accidents during that time.

MoDOT director Patrick McKenna attributed this alarming spike to a crucial change in state law in August 2020. The legislation permitting motorcyclists aged 26 and above to ride without helmets has been associated with a surge in accidents since it was put into effect.

Winter Weather Woes: Car Accidents

Missouri’s winters are renowned for their unpredictability, where snow and ice can swiftly turn roads into perilous routes. During these winter months, the state experiences a notable increase in car accidents, posing hazardous conditions for drivers. 

A recent report from KMOV on February 18th highlighted that five individuals lost their lives on Missouri roadways within just over four hours. This underscores the severity of the state’s winter months. Particularly during this time, cities like Kansas City and St. Louis suffer the most, bearing the brunt of the hazardous conditions and the resulting increase in traffic incidents.

Further emphasizing the challenges, in January, the MSHP responded to 273 crashes as freezing rain hit the St. Louis region, as reported by KSDK. These incidents serve as stark reminders of the dangers winter weather brings to St. Louis roads. They urge drivers to exercise caution and preparedness during these hazardous conditions. 

In case of such accidents, seeking the help of a car accident lawyer in St. Louis is imperative. These legal professionals can assist in navigating the complexities of claims. They guide legal rights and pursue compensation for damages incurred in the accidents.

TorHoerman Law notes that they can also handle negotiations with coverage providers. If necessary, they represent clients in court to ensure they receive the rightful compensation they deserve.

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Encounters with Wildlife: Animal-Related Accidents

Missouri’s picturesque landscapes carry an unexpected danger: encounters with wildlife on its roads, particularly deer. These animals present a significant risk, especially during dawn and dusk when their activity peaks. 

According to a risk management group study, Missouri ranks among the states with the highest vehicle-deer collision rates. The recent report, utilizing 2022 Missouri State Highway Patrol and national statistics, reveals a startling statistic. Missouri drivers have a 1 in 80 chance of colliding with an animal. 

In 2022, the majority of national animal collisions were with deer, totaling 1,288,714 incidents, followed by unidentified animals, rodents, dogs, and raccoons. While specific 2022 Missouri statistics were not provided, it seems that collisions have been increasing from previous years. 

The group ranks Missouri as the 10th state most likely for a driver to collide with an animal based on 2022 numbers. This is a change from 14th place in 2021, as reported by the Springfield News-Leader

The data from MSHP shows that in 2021, Missouri had 3,779 crashes involving deer, resulting in 420 injuries and three fatalities. The year prior, in 2020, there were 3,639 deer-vehicle collisions, causing 348 injuries and 5 deaths. 

As summer draws to a close, the arrival of fall brings shorter days and reduced visibility, coinciding with an uptick in deer crossings. This period, during the fall mating season, marks a peak for collisions with deer on Missouri’s roads.


Why should I hire a car accident lawyer in St. Louis?

Hiring a car accident lawyer can greatly benefit you after a crash in St. Louis. They can navigate the legal complexities, negotiate with coverage providers, gather evidence, and help you seek fair compensation for damages.

How do I know if I need a car accident lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident or experienced significant property damage, it’s a good idea to consult with a car accident lawyer. Likewise, if you’re facing high medical bills or the coverage provider is offering a low settlement, seeking legal advice is wise.

How long do I have to file a car accident claim in St. Louis?

In Missouri, the statute of limitations for filing a car accident claim is generally five years from the date of the accident. However, it’s best to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure you meet all necessary deadlines.

In conclusion, the roadways of Missouri, once a symbol of freedom and exploration, are now fraught with increasing dangers. From the roaring engines of motorcycles to the icy grip of winter, each presents its unique risks.

As Missourians, it’s imperative to recognize these rising trends and take proactive steps to ensure safety on the roads. Whether it’s wearing helmets on motorcycles, staying vigilant for wildlife crossings, or practicing caution during winter, every effort counts.


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